In the text of the ad can become the subversion of online advertising

      the (In-Text Advertising) is an Internet advertising the latest intelligent advertising model, is the realization of hypertext connection mode in text advertising chain and trigger mode is mainly embodied in the article, the so called text advertising. This will be the model in the domestic representative products Click Eye "classic" as an example, analyzing the difference between the model and the traditional online advertising and search advertising and selling point. read more

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Yiqifa Kingsoft CPA download online advertising

CPA download Kingsoft online advertising

        07 years, Kingsoft with high quality products and good market strategy, by the network users crazy download, only less than half the time   reached nearly 50 million downloads times.
        Kingsoft launched a 37 day free trial, try before you buy mode, but also to promote the initiative to download network users. As long as the website with Kingsoft, users will have to download. High quality products, strong brand driving force to become your site   revenue support! As a prerequisite for the provision of a service. Don’t promise to install Kingsoft without browsing   any form of stakeholders to provide. This may cause your union account to be closed.
 : a generous commission system;       Internet security alliance to take lucrative commissions installed system is higher than the industry average returns to the webmaster, CPA cooperation,   according to the users level payment to the webmaster promotion commission.
commission system table:  
1    499    0.2    /  a
500-19999 installed capacity of     0.3  /  an installed capacity of
20000 and more than   0.4  /    element; an installed capacity of   read more

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Jiang Xiuliang webmaster always want to make money


graph king said, treasure every IP, once the bird, graph king, became the personal worship of idols, and they learn to the end of 07, I joined the team, now I choose to leave, then set up their own adminm, hope to help the webmaster do things for Adsense service

!What does

stand for? A word, money! Money! Money! Money. But in the end how to make money in this


is the first, the first thing I want to say, don’t go to the horse, that is to take his own petard, not


second, do not think about how much you can stand, there is no financial publicity, we must start from the dumpster! read more

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Secret I get 3 days behind the secret network fundraising 110 thousand

is not the same as the general public to raise the value of micro network transformation to do basic knowledge training, not only to raise funds raised, but also to raise public wisdom.

micro value is the October 3, 2014 issue of the transition to do technical training, pure shares 5 people, each of 16 thousand, accounting for 2% of shares. Technology stocks 8000 per person, get their own training income of 70%, but also to get a stake of 1%. After the issue of the article, three days after contact with the requirements of the people to join the pure equity, the more than and 10 want to enter the technology stocks, and later left only 4 technology stocks to join, because technology stocks are the core, careful choice. Three days to raise funds for a total of 110 thousand! read more

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The couple doing a few things to note in the process of Wangzhuan

some people say that the current domestic Internet is like a gold mine, as long as you can bend a waist to dig gold, although exaggerated, but it is a fact, as is an emerging industry, the probability we make money from the Internet now than it did in other industries. Perhaps it is because of this there will be so many people obsessed with Wangzhuan, although to sand can’t teach you how to do Wangzhuan, but can still provide some experience for your reference


1) be careful with those paid Wangzhuan project, before buying the Wangzhuan must be more understanding of read more

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SEO money thinking (two) Lock niche market products

is currently on the Internet some mainstream products and services, seems to have been bad, many large companies are occupied, competition is very intense, for us personally, need on the Internet to find a certain search volume and profitable products is not easy, many products are either too much competition, people can not enter, or profit is too thin, not suitable for. Whether the Internet has no personal living space, in fact, a niche market is for personal preparation, very suitable for personal operation on the network. read more

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4 solutions to bid on delivery

At present,

, SEO and the main means of Wangzhuan led by SEM, and the bidding with its quick results, to enlarge profits, profits and is sought after by the webmaster, this can be from the overwhelming competitive training you can get a glimpse of one or two. However, not all people are suitable for bidding, the entire design of the bidding link many problems need to be resolved, cash on delivery is one of them, but also to many beginners the most headaches.

today, I would like to share for cash on delivery of the 4 solutions, you may have to try Oh! read more

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Google Adsense trend study

Google Adsense is currently the most personal delivery advertisement. But in recent years we found that several major portals, from sina to Sohu, and has been refused to put Google, Adsense network advertising. Or raise the threshold (such as the threshold of Hexun, hardly human can achieve, apparently to individuals through difficulties).

network bring more and more profit

apparently put Google Adsense in the major sites can only let Google become the biggest winner, and the portal did not get a good benefit! read more

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Google search in November and in December the amount of reward has been returned, please pay att

thank you for your partner’s support for the alliance!

currently: Google search 2007 November bonus amount has been returned to the year of 2007, the amount of reward in December has been returned to the year of January 5, 2008, in December 5, 2007. Specific incentives to visit the rules you see "Google search" advertising note.

if you have any questions, please contact customer service QQ:331362639 or submit "online Q & a management". We will be happy to answer your questions! read more

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Red child end of the year

everybody stationmaster:
        everybody is good!
        red children launched a series of thematic activities at the end of the year.

        Site=01& BranchID=6& BrandID=1866

        Home Furnishing low-cost hot new year activities! read more

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Analysis on the profit of personal cosmetics electronic commerce

many webmaster think now traffic more and more difficult to do, union, GG, SP…… The price is getting lower and lower, has been depressed in the site of the problem of profit (except the master). A few years ago, had a network of professionals pointed out: the website or the best way of future earnings is the network entity (object) and combination; second, now the electronic commerce in China are rising quickly, do not you see Taobao seller number, some sellers profit rich phenomenon? Don’t you see professional B2C after spring bamboo shoots is based on the network? Don’t you see more and more traditional companies began to take cities and seize territory on the Internet? Do we have for personal webmaster, technology and promote the advantages of the There is nothing comparable to this which is the cornerstone of the network, survival, and power drive powerful, and the advantages of traditional enterprises is only goods and their distribution network entity, does not have the ability to fight with the owners on the internet. So, personally think and believe, as long as the owners have the right supply channels with their own advantages, will be available on the Internet in the earnings of the road opened a world of their own. This will be easy to jump out of the flow – looking for conversion – low income vicious circle. read more

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The road of Entrepreneurship grass root idea is the failure of disaster counterattack

I recently saw a film "big man" when mixed drama, I do like to have no love to watch movies and TV shows people should give this TV watching, felt it was too unbelievable! I don’t know if you have not seen the TV play, see after we have what feelings, but I watched the TV play a little small feeling a little bit! But this is not entirely to the whole drama, but only a short drama.

TV drama actor on the way to find a girlfriend, accidentally broke into a white Formica in the world, but the hero is a real grass root to the poor. Of course, this is a TV series, is a fake. And our real life people there will be a lot of people have been dreaming of you could find a white Formica as wife, so that you can be free to the plight of the poor. This is not the boast, perhaps those looking for white Formica or tall, rich and handsome people are not shown, but the heart most will have such an idea, but you may feel? read more

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Talk about the details of Baidu for promotion ringtones

assassin " money online Canon " a paragraph I see a paragraph, each at will, after reading a great inspiration, also has no time, artificial ringtones, SMS strike time some time ago, also began to explore the ringtone, mainly Baidu bidding write some ideas, do not see, did not want to do may give you some help, not detours! Mainly on several points:
: first opened the Baidu bid, the choice of keywords, search the largest amount of keywords is not the best ringtone registered keyword this, you must use some key words which are chosen, not intelligent matching and theme promotion service, the two is the most no effect, more words do not necessarily registered amount is not good!
read more

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Three conditions of successful Wangzhuan personnel must have

sitting at home on the Internet can make money, it is natural that everyone wants to, but in fact Wangzhuan is not an easy thing, and not easy to sit down on the Internet will be able to receive money the job. Do Wangzhuan, many people put a lot of time and energy, but the income is not ideal, even Internet access fees are earned not back, really depressing. Nevertheless, don’t get disheartened, because after all the Wangzhuan successful person is still there, but not in the minority, so why others can gain ideal through Wangzhuan income? Try from these successful experiences to Wangzhuan analysis, see their success what are common, for reference, may help. read more

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Where are the opportunities for Taobao’s new store opening

this evening, Shanghai has a small MM, find me, and took a few of my products, why would find me? Because I have a mask product is Taobao’s most natural price, you can find me, why I bought the mask, and also bought several other products for? I think she’s service was very good, very enthusiastic. In the chat, she told me that "some of the crown shop, especially drag, indifferent, so don’t expect them to buy". I also feel the same.

A few days before

, find a cosmetics wholesaler in Taobao, he has the product shop retail price is lower than the wholesale price, then asked him to do so, is unfair to wholesalers, he said "you find me, I think the price is expensive, you will find others wholesale". After listening, I Speechless, I am not going to him wholesale, because I am not Bitch, even if the world price of wholesalers than his expensive, I won’t go there wholesale, because of his attitude and tone has indirectly told me that this is not suitable for long-term cooperative wholesalers. read more

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Planning and building websites from the perspective of marketing

if a website from the marketing point of view to plan the construction of words, do not spend too much money can easily spread the flow up. However, if a website can not be planned from the construction of marketing, it may spend a lot of money to hit, it is difficult to really hit the site traffic. So Wang Tong has been advocating the concept of a website planning and construction: from the perspective of marketing planning and construction sites. How to plan the construction site from the marketing point of view? read more

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The value of the audience is undervalued

(total left to right: Tan Zhi, Chen Congrong, Jiang, Wu Mingdong, Chen Yan, Ji Hai Rong, Qian Qian)

is a company? If your answer is also related to the building LCD screen, then your thinking has lagged behind the audience’s receptionist.

July 20, 2007, is destined to become another important moment in the history of the public. Although this day, the public is only in Dalian held the first half of 2007 sales summary conference. Such a summary meeting before the conference call, and this is not only a period of three days, and all executives, all branch general manager and sales director of the first tier cities to attend the first full lineup. read more

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The wind blows the essence of the Wangzhuan

What is the

network, referred to as Wangzhuan Wangzhuan?, broadly speaking, through this network platform to make money is higher. For entrepreneurs is "electronic commerce", to the grassroots webmaster is higher, as is one thing, but strictly speaking, there is a difference. E-commerce, that is, on the network to obtain revenue from marketing products, sales on the ground is actually a platform for change, there is no essential difference. But in the webmaster Wangzhuan, is varied, have to do research, hang up the money; do stand advertising money; sales of products to make money, is the electronic commerce; have to do the training to make money; through their own technology to help people complete the task to make money and so on. Thus, the category of e-commerce Wangzhuan than the much broader, therefore, e-commerce is only a subset of Wangzhuan. Just like on the ground work of various grades and ranks, Wangzhuan is actually the same, the essence is the same, but the platform is not the same, one on the ground, one on the network. If you want to get into high school Wangzhuan low level three, so I divided: read more

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Whether or not to make use of human weaknesses website profit

in fact, although the site is different ways of profit, but in the final analysis is one: Aiming at the weakness of human nature, to meet the needs of people. When you can provide some personalized services to meet the needs of some people, you do not have to worry about making money for the site. But in order to make money, it is not limited to meet the needs of people to meet the weaknesses of human nature?

The reality is

, including many mainstream sites is to succumb to the weakness of human nature, some quite normal website, also hide some approximate * * thing in some small corner, and some network people tacitly "interaction", too much pollution is the mainstream eye content site to expand the site, the reason is very simple the information related to the product, easy to sell. It is nothing new to provide services for the weakness of human nature, it is also possible to make money on the internet. read more

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